The Jams One Away From Perfection

the_kiss11st Place: The Jams (repped by the only question they missed, “What was Alfred Eisenstaedt’s most famous photo?”) 109

IMG_30912nd Place: Duane’s World 107

IMG_30903rd Place: Barstool Racers 77

4 thoughts on “The Jams One Away From Perfection

  1. Where are the scores and photos from last week's exciting dual at The Ugly American? Aren't you gonna show some love for the folks who bothered to show up?

  2. Duane's World defeated L. Ron HUbbard's Diabetics last week at the Ugly American in a one on one team spectacular. Nobody showed at the Bards. Apparently Wednesday night's Phillies win kicked everybody's ass. I love the Phillies, but damn if they aren't bad for business.

    1. It would have been the perfect opportunity for you to break up the teams and make everyone go mano a mano. Then we would really have the opportunity for bragging.

  3. Hell, the Vous was half-empty on Friday night; I think a lot of people had 48-hour hangovers.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention that the Jams had the right answer on the Eisenstaedt question – crossed out, and replaced with a bad one. Some of us had the answer, but someone disagreed an overruled us in the end.

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