Congrats Steve-O

Eagles Vikings FootballSteve-O adds another feather to his cap, winning the Donovan’s Fault September contest with a score of 4.45, and proving a valuable point: making fun of K-Fed always pays off. Steve wins a $25 gift certifiacte to the Good Dog and a $25 gift certificate to the Swift Half. Nate finished 2nd, and wins a $25 gift certificate to the Locust Rendezvous. We are starting all over again in October, so be sure to get your entries in!

4 thoughts on “Congrats Steve-O

  1. One of Life's lessons – Make fun of K-Fed. Glad to see a very special Gervase back in the news.

    I'm sure there is a picture of us up from Halloween (Gervase the Ghostbuster, and me – the Dick in the Box guy) on my facebook page.

  2. another life lesson is make sure that your friends are the guys registering the voters and stuffing the ballot boxes and counting the votes.

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