Quizzo News and Notes

Getting the party started tonight at 6:15 at the Locust Rendezvous, where the Jams look to keep the ball rolling. Then we move to Black Sheep at 8 p.m. Music round last night was a lot of fun, and yes it covers several genres, so it should keep the playing field fairly even.

We are still on for Fall Slam on Saturday, October 17th at the East Falls Marketplace. Kickoff will be 5 p.m. Should be a lot of fun. There is a free beer tasting going on beforehand, so feel free to swing by early. It is also across the street from Laurel Hill Cemetery. If you’ve never been, be sure to check it out. Unless cemeteries freak you out like they do the Lovely Ginger.

Finally, we have two trivia questions over at isportacus that still need to be answered, one about the Eagles and one about the Phillies.

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