Power Rankings


  1. Duane’s World. They didn’t cover themselves with glory on Wednesday, but rebounded with an impressive performance on Thursday night. They were also helped along by the performance of last week’s #1 team. Last week #4
  2. Steak ‘Em Up. A nice win on Thursday (their 4th straight Thursday night win), but a crushing 33 point loss to the Dysfunktion on Tuesday drops them out of the top spot. Last week #1
  3.  The Jams. A two point loss two weeks ago, a one point loss this past week. They lose more close games than Temple. Last week #2
  4. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion. A dominant victory at the Bards Tuesday propels the ‘Funk’ to the front of the pack. Another big win over Steak ‘Em Up this week could very well launch this team into the top spot. Last week NR
  5. Why is John’s Rum Gone? Off the schnide, a nice win on Tuesday propels them into the top 5. Last week: #9
  6. Quiz on Your Face. Wanna make the top 10? Beat the Jams. You’re in. Last week NR
  7. I Heart Giraffes. Where did these guys come from? They dominate the field at Black Sheep on Wednesday with only 4 players. Last week NR
  8. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. The once unbeatable Diabetics have one win in the past five weeks, but a strong 2nd place finish at the American keeps them in the Top 10. Last week #8.
  9. My Dog Peed on my Eagles Jersey. A 2nd place finish after two stragiht wins. They are establishing themselves as a perennial Top 10 program. Last week #5
  10. Axis of Evil Knieval. Still riding off the high of last week’s win at Black Sheep, they need an impressive performance this coming week to stay in the Top 10. Last week #3

Also receiving votes: But My Mom Says I’m Cool, Urban Achievers, Hurtin Bombs, Dorksided, Lambda

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