Quizzo Power Rankings

philadelhia-sheesesteaks#1. Steak Em Up. They are just straight rolling through the competition. The Bards desperately needs a nerd infusion to challenge these guys. Last week #1

#2. The Jams. One H away from perfection, they have now won three in a row at the Vous and 6 of the last 8. Last week #2

#3. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. Not a lot of movement at the top this week, as all of the favorites took care of business. Last week #3

#4. The Ear: Not Your Typical Orifice. They add one new team member and suddenly go from cellar dweller to powerhouse. The new guy is either a genius or adept at hiding a Blackberry. Last week #4

#5. Duane’s World. Finally, the World gets off the schnide and records a win at the Black Sheep. This is perhaps the streakiest team in quizzo. Will this win start a hot streak? Last week #7

#6. Eschaton/Satan’s Minions. Different team name, same result: 2nd Place finishes at Black Sheep and Ugly American. Last week NR

#7.  Lambda. Finally emerge from the depths of the earth to finish 2nd at O’Neals. There are rumors of them coming after the bounty this week. A win over Steak Em Up could send this team rocketing up the charts. Last week NR

#8.Unusual Suspects. A third place finish at the Black Sheep keeps them on the charts, but they’ll have to do better this week to stay there. Last week #6

#9. Quiz On Your Face. This team is like the Dodgers of the 40s and 50s; they’d a won a ton if it wasn’t for the Yankees, and these guys woulda won a ton if it wasn’t for the Jams. Last week: NR

#10. Why’s John’s Rum Gone. Only two of them played this week, but they still medaled. That keeps them in the Top 10. Last week #10.

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