It’s Donovan’s Fault

Eagles Vikings FootballWith football season on the horizon, it’s time for that annual Philadelphia tradition: blaming Donovan McNabb for everything. Yes, they’re gearing up in the local newsrooms and radio stations to blame Donovan for speaking his mind, for not speaking his mind, for running too much, for passing too much, for the local crime rate, etc. Well, we’ve decided to take it a step further and start a website,, that literally blames him for everything that has ever gone wrong in world history. And I want your help. Please send me ideas for different things that we can blame Donovan for (¬†and please be sure to vote on the ones that are already posted.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention, whoever’s Donovan’s Fault entry receives the highest score through voting wins a gift certificate to a local restaurant or bar at the end of the month valued at $20.

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