I Got Rasslin’ Tickets to Giveaway

Ring-of-Honor-WrestlingHey kids, I got some cool stuff to give away this week. Did you see The Wrestler, the Mickey Rourke movie? Well, several of the wrestlers in that film are real wrestlers. Well, real fake wrestlers. Well they’re real, but wrestling is…whatever. My point is that I have tix to see some of these guys rassle this Thursday and Friday at The Arena, formerly known as the Alhambra, formerly known as the New Alhambra, formerly known as Viking Hall, formerly known as ECW Arena, formerly known as XPW Arena. Odds are, if you show up this weekend, they’ll name the arena after you!

It is Ring of Honor Wrestling, and the last time I saw wrestling at The Arena, I had a blast. The only thing I ask if you go is that you cheer the bad guys. I think I’m going Friday, so if you want we can meet up and fight in the parking lot before we go in to get ourselves all fired up. And trust me, I will be obnoxious once I’m inside. Holler at me tonight if you’re looking for tix.

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