The JGT Power Rankings (The QCS)

Serious movement in the rankings this week, and a new #1 for the 3rd straight week. Can the Jams hold down the top spot, or is the pressure of a #1 ranking just too much to handle? 

1. The Jams. A 117 two weeks ago followed by a 118 last week. They have answered 78 1/2 of their last 80 questions correctly. They are undoubtedly the best team in quizzo right now.  Last week: #2

2. Duane’s World. A 3rd straight win at the Ugly American and a 2nd place finish at the Black Sheep would normally be enough to keep a team in the top spot, and if not for the Jams ridiculous performance the past two weeks it would. Last week: #1

3. Why’s John’s Rum Gone? A third straight win at O’Neals ties them for the longest winning streak in quizzo, and raises them to a #3 ranking. Last week: #5

4. Steak ‘Em Up. After their victory on Thursday, Koob of the former Sofa Kingdom declared, “We’re back.” Are they, or will the lack of a Sofa Kingdom type consistency continue to haunt them? Last week: #3

5. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion. An impressive win over the Steak ‘Em Ups on Tuesday brings them up four spots. Last week: #9

6. River of Rocks. If this team played more often, they would certainly make a move at the top spot. They cause fits at both the Vous and the Sheep on the rare occasions that they play. Last week: NR

7. Hurtin’ Bombs. Finished 2nd in a loaded field at the Bards. Now that Rene’s gone, this team is expected to drink a lot less. Will that help or hinder them? Last week: NR

8. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. This team continues to slide in the rankings, not even finishing in the top two this past week. However, their willingness to drive JGT from the Ugly American to the Bards helps keep them in the Top 10. Last week: #4

9. Lambda. A three man squad finishes third at a stakced Bards. And hey, they’ve got the karate trophy. Last week: #10

10. The Ear: Not Your Typical Orifice. An inspired performance lands the Ears in the top 10 for the first time ever. A 2nd Place finish at O’Neals was greeted with more excitement than most victories. We on the QCS committee appreciate moxie and pluck. Last Week: NR

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One thought on “The JGT Power Rankings (The QCS)

  1. Putting The Ear at #10 in the power rankings was equivalent to the Flyers giving Mike Richards the captaincy before he was ready as a way to challenge him to step his game up and grow into the role. The Ear is not the 10th best team in quizzo but we appreciate JGT's challenge and we relish the attention it will undoubtedly cast on us. We will either prove JGT correct and turn him into a prophet or we will crash and burn under the spotlight like Freddie Mitchell. Either way you look at it, we never wanted to skate under the radar. We will not shy away from the challenge and we like having the target on our backs. The Ear is here.

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