Quizzo Power Rankings

absolute_powerA wild week of quizzo leads to a big mixup on the Power Ranking board. Here we go:

  1. Steak ‘Em Up: Their wins were hardly commanding (they would have finished 5th with the same scores at Black Sheep or Ugly American), but hey, wins are wins, and in a week where many big dogs went down, they did not. Not #1 with a bullet, but #1 nonetheless. Last week: #2
  2. The Jams:A two point upset loss at the Vous costs them the crown. Last week: #1.
  3. Axis of Evil Knieval: The highest jump since we started the Power Rankings, but with good reason: A dominant 112 at the Black Sheep on Wednesday on what was a really tough quiz. Last week: NR
  4. Duane’s World: A 104 was only good enough for 2nd at Black Sheep on Wednesday, but make no mistake: this is the team to beat at the Sheep.
  5. My Dog Peed on my Eagles Jersey: I said last week that they had to prove that they weren’t a one week wonder. They did with a 2nd straight win. Last week: #10
  6. But My Mom Says I’m Cool: With two team members moving out of town, they send them off with an inspirational 97-95 win over the mighty Jams. Last week: NR
  7. Urban Achievers: WHere did these guys come from? A perfect score in Round Four gives them a 108-105 victory over the No Talent Ass Clowns. Last week: NR
  8. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics: A week after a commanding win, they finish out of the money. The once dominant Diabetics are suddenly shaky.  Last week #3. 
  9. Why’s John’s Rum Gone. A two point loss at O’Neals prevent them from a Top 5 standing. Last Week: #6. 
  10. Hurtin Bombs. Finish 3 points behind Steak ‘Em Up, but a tiebreaker lands them in 4th place. On the bright side, their bar tab is a lot lower without Rene on the team. Last week: #7.

Others receiving votes: Narcotyzing Dysfunktion, No Talent Ass Clowns, Just the Tip, Tooth Wind and Fire, Forth Estate, Dorksided

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