7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Alfalfa!

  1. I believe he was one of the fellers who opened the gym floor above the pool in “It's a Wonderful Life.” Bob sucks! (I know he likes to be in every thread, so I figured I'd save him the trouble…)

    1. Maybe you should try to outlaw Republicans and others who don't agree with your political views. Or, better yet for the rest of us, why not move to one of those one party regimes where nobody disagrees with the supreme leader. Maybe you'd find Cuba appealing. It's close, the weather's nice, there are lots of beaches, and I hear that they have uuniversal health care.

  2. Pools under the gym floors looked like they were going to be the next big thing, until Alfalfa caused all that mayhem. Now you never see them anywhere. I bet Alfalfa had something to do with the Hindenberg too, thus ending the zeppelin craze.

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