Fall Quizzo Slam in West Philly?

Looked at a very cool place to do a fall fest quizzo (sort of a slightly smaller scale quizzo bowl). Thinking late September-early October. Location is less than a block off the L in West Philly (corner of 46th and Market.) More details to come, but just curious if you guys would be willing to travel to West Philly for a throwdown. I suspect yes, since like I said it’s less than a block off the L, but I just wanted to make sure. And here’s the catch: booze has to be served by a licensed and insured caterer. Obviously don’t need a catering service, just a single person to serve booze. Anybody got any leads?

7 thoughts on “Fall Quizzo Slam in West Philly?

  1. With only one person serving booze, you'll need some heavy security to keep order in the booze line. Those Duane's World guys won't think twice about jumping the queue.

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