2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Raffi

  1. I'm on to you and your games, Goodtimes. You think you're so freakin' clever. You've been averaging about 1/4 comment a day for the last few weeks, so you put up a video with GWB dancing around as a provocation thinking I'll rise to the bait and make some comment about how Obanana's stimulus plan is a complete failure, or how Obanana is completely mismanaging the economy, or how Obanana's foreign policy initiatives are a complete bust, or how Joe Biden continues to act like a total assclown and has risen to the level of a national embarrassment, and then maybe you can get an argument going and thereby stir up some interest for your boring website. Well, you've got another think coming, cleverclogs Goodtimes, because I'm just not going to play your games and rise to the bait. I'm just not going to do your work for you. So there.

  2. It ain't so cool for one famous Armenian (Eddie Mekka – Carmine* on Laverne and Shirley) to get arrested for DUI on another famous Armenian's birthday (Raffi).

    *-That's right folks. The big Ragu was in reality a big Kebab.

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