Sweet! I Just Got a Prank Call!

I am happy to report that the art of mindless prank calls has not ended. I just received a call from an unusual number, and when I picked it up, a teenager on the other line asked, “Hey, can we go swimming?” to which I answered, still not knowing who this was, “Where?” His reply was “Your house.” Then I heard giggling thru the nose and got hung up on. The pointless, uncreative prank calls, the ones where the only real purpose was to call a complete stranger and talk to them, are really the best. Then you and your buddies crack up because you can’t believe he asked that dude if you could go swimming at his house.

2 thoughts on “Sweet! I Just Got a Prank Call!

  1. Haha. Love it. My best friend and I were the queens of prank phone calls in middle school, ah, future teachers of America…

  2. I used to frequently call up the Home Shopping Network and ask to speak with Tootie (The Home Shopping animated horn). Then, I would imitate it.

    Sometimes I would call to ask if the hand was for sale. They would ask what hand? I would say the one with the bracelet (which was the actual item for sale).

    Strangely enough, I never made it to air.

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