Older or Younger than 35 quiz

Got a new quiz program, and I think it’s really cool. Check this quiz out and see what you think. I give you a celebrity. You tell me if they are older or younger than 35 years old. Let me know how you do in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Older or Younger than 35 quiz

  1. Kid Rock needs a good bath, ala prison style. A scrub brush, lye soap and a firehose. Yech!

  2. All correct but Danika which, to be fair, the picture was a little to distracting to worry about her age (I'm sure guys have that dilemma often). But holy crap, Winnie?!

  3. And “Winnie” is a math genius with her own published theorum. If I were lesbian, I'd be crushing on her!!! Smart and sexy. Purrr…

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