Murder in NoLibs

rianthalSteve-O and I went to Homeslice in Northern Liberties on Saturday. I’ll have the review up this afternoon.  That evening, a few blocks from where we grabbed a slice in as tranquil of a spot as you’ll find in Philly, a double murder took place.  It gets crazier the more I read about it.

Investigators said they found four kilos of cocaine and more than $100,000 in her seventh-floor apartment.

Four kilos is not a small amount of cocaine. It’s almost 9 pounds. It is going to be interesting to see how this whole thing shakes down. Attractive white woman involved in rap game gunned down at high end condo, with big money and coke involved? Let’s not kid ourselves, this is highly sensational. However, I wonder if local news will downplay it for fear of upsetting advertisers in an up and coming part of the city. Or am I just a cynical, tin-hatted conpiracist goon? What do you guys think?

4 thoughts on “Murder in NoLibs

  1. You are downplaying both how close we were to the double murder, both in time and in distance. The killing happened at 5:44, only about an hour after we had beers at the Swift Half (in the same Piazza where the killings took place).

    Scary. There are all sorts of pictures of her with Philly celebs. Mayor Nutter, McNabb, etc. No Kade pictures though. I guess her club was not ultra-exclusive.

    Even eerier. Just an hour or two before the killing, JGT and I were joking about murdering Eric Bruntlett. Not sure how we got on that topic, but we did.

  2. “At the end of the day, it is what it is.” Rose-colored glasses or not. The media might try to cover it, but shame on the citizens for burying their heads in the sand, if they do. I'm sure some do. If you read only the Metro, you get enough of the flavor. I remember in 2006, when I first moved here, my relatives in Cincinnati were lamenting their city murder rate of something like 60– yes 6-0, sixty. I think in 2006 Philly reached 500.

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