Happy Birthday to the Diggy Diggy Doc, Y’All

The DOC, who turns 41 today, burst onto the hip hop scene in 1989 with the Dr. Dre-produced album No One Can Do It Better. Allmusic gave it a 5 star rating and it looked like he was going to be a major rap superstar. But shortly after the album was released, he was involved in a car accident and shattered his larynx. His rap career was ruined, and he has since stayed behind the scenes, ghostwriting songs for Dr. Dre. Here is an interview done with the DOC a few months ago.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Diggy Diggy Doc, Y’All

  1. Since when does only be able to croak hurt a rapper's career? Hell, Tone Loc sounded like he had a gravel pit in his throat, but could fling that Funky Cold Medina.

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  3. It's the name of a song, dbag. and what is your problem? lots of folks young, middle-aged and old know that. so get a life.

  4. I have a life and I guess i got a problem with white boy wannabes who google and want to pass as music polymaths. pisses me off. but I found this comment thru google so i guess i have no gripe. peace. the guy is a genius. have it your way.

  5. Googling is ok. If googling you have to know what to google if nothing else. There is no problem with googling. so crawl back in your hole dbag.

  6. Isuppose so, if you say so. Me I'm more impressed with people who create comments w/o vomiting back wikipedia enties. oh, and the abuse is great and helps your position s***head. fu awipe.

  7. At least PalestraJon usually has something interesting to say instead of just making fun of people and being a douchebag smartass like some others…

    1. When I am a Rap Poseur, you know that the world has slipped off its axis. Now JGT, that's another question.

      But thanks for watching my back WWW.

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