12 thoughts on “Daily Quiz: Song Lyrics

  1. Yeah, I didn't know that one, I screwed up the Madonna one, and had no idea on the I Kissed a Girl one. The Stevie Wonder one I put “In the month of June” instead of “Within” and it wouldn't take it. Bogus.

  2. 10/15. Made the same mistake on Stevie Wonder, and couldn't quite get the Eagles one exactly right. The others — ABBA, Madonna and (sigh) Bruce — I just plain didn't know.

  3. 11/15. Had the same problem with Stevie Wonder as Johnny; didn't know the AC/DC, and am proud not to know Katy Perry or the Eagles.

  4. 13/15- sadly knew the Katy Perry, but got stuck on Britney and ran out of time on the last one.

  5. got them all with 11 seconds to spare. sometimes the issue is in the way they sing versus the actual song lyrics. like, :I've been losin sleep” vs. “I've been losing sleep”

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