Toughest Questions From Last Week

Here ya go, the ten toughest from last week. Answers are after the jump.

  1. This 2000 film was released under it’s Spanish name, which is loosely translated into English as Loves a Bitch.
  2. Considered one of the greatest Western Films ever created, this 1969 Sam Peckinpagh film is about a gang of aging outlaws seeking retirement with a final score in Mexico.
  3. Nobody doesn’t like this company which produces Ballpark hot dogs and Jimmy Dean sausages.
  4. The currency of this country, directly north of South Africa and whose capital is Gabarone, is the same word as rain, since rain is so valuable in the desert country.
  5. The 3rd largest city and only Seaport in Alabama gets more rain than any other city in the contiguous United States.
  6. What former NBA star was known as the Reign Man?
  7. King Juan Carlos of Spain is actually a member of this dynasty, the same branch of the Capetian dynasty that Louis XVI was a member of.
  8. This Australian term for depression is also the name of a popular Led Zeppelin song. What is it?
  9. What popular book did Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez write in 1985?
  10. What is the name of the narrator in the Great Gatsby?

  1. Amores Perros
  2. The Wild Bunch
  3. Sara Lee
  4. Botswana
  5. Mobile
  6. Sean Kemp
  7. Bourbon
  8. Black Dog
  9. Love in the Time of Cholera
  10. Nick Carraway

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