Quizzo Bowl Round One

1. What is the closest spiral galaxy to our own?
2. What nerd fractured his foot and pulled a hamstring on Dancing with Stars, but has remained on the show?
3. The Three Mile Island accident occurred on this date in 1979. What city is Three Mile Island closest to?
a) Scranton b) Harrisburg c) Allentown d) Pittsburgh
4. Who has the Phillies record for career saves?
5. Portland used to be the capital of Maine, and Augusta used to be the capital of what state?
6. The Queen of Country has sold over 55 million albums worldwide and starred in Tremors in 1989.
7. The wildebeest is also known by what three letter name?
8. What singer is married to rodeo cowboy Ty Murray?
9. These Meditteranean fish are business in the front and party in the back.
10. In what magazine did naked photos of Vanessa Williams appear, costing her her Miss America crown?
11.***Which of these first ladies was not a widow when she married a future president?
a) Martha Washington b) Martha Jefferson c) Abigail Adams d) Dolley Madison
12. In 1992, a show called the Golden Palace debuted. It was a spinoff of what popular sitcom?

Answers after the jump

1. Andromeda
2. Steve Wozniak
3. B) Harrisburg
4. Jose Mesa
5. Georgia
6. Reba McIntyre
7. gnu
8. Jewel
9. mullets
10. Penthouse
11. C) Abigail Adams
12. Golden Girls

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