Underground Legend “Wheel of Terrific” on Chip Chantry One Man Show Monday!

The Wheel of Terrific is the most ridiculous game show ever created, and response through the years has been…wildy varying. There are some who absolutely love it and find it hilarious. And then there are hipsters, who hate it. So will it be a crowd delight on Monday night, or will it fall flat on it’s face? Who knows, but either way, you win! In addition to the Wheel, there is gonna be comedy from Adrian DiGiovanni from Chicago, Julie Smith (from New Jersey!), sketch group Secret Pants, and headliner Steve Gerben. And I’m gonna tell the story of how I almost got my ass beat at quizzo last night. The first two shows have been AWESOME, and I think this one will be no different. For more info, click here.

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