Charity Poker Tourney This Weekend! At least $4,000 in Prize Money!

Hey kids, Steve O. wanted me to pass this along. Sounds like a lot of fun, and it’s for a great cause, the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief. For more info, you can click here. Here’s the basics:
3rd Annual Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament

SOAR is holding its 3rd Annual Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament on Saturday, March 14, 2009, in the Brookline Fire Company Hall in Havertown, PA. Registration – 4pm. Tournament begins – 5pm. $100 entrance fee includes food and drink throughout the evening. CASH PRIZES!!!

  • $4000 in prize money guaranteed!
  • $100 entry fee gets you $5000 in chips.
  • Re-buys are permitted – $50 gets you $2500 in chips. You can re-buy as many times as you want within the first three (3) rounds. No re-buys after the start of Round 4.
  • Add-ons are permitted while you still have chips – $50 gets you $2500 in chips. Add-ons must be purchased during a break. One (1) add-on per person.
  • The following blinds increase every 20 minutes, with 15 minute breaks every two (2) rounds.
  • Round 1: 25/50
  • Round 2: 50/100
  • Round 3: 100/200
  • Round 4: 200/400
  • Round 5: 500/1000
  • Round 6: 1000/2000
  • Round 7: 2000/4000
  • Round 8: 5000/10000

The number of entrants will dictate the number of winners. As this is a charity fundraiser, SOAR will take 30% of the pot. The remaining 70% will be shared by the winners. If we have a pot of $10,000, SOAR would take $3000 and the remaining $7000 would be shared by the winners. In this example, the payout would be $4000 for 1st place, $2000 for 2nd place, and $1000 for 3rd place.
Armenian food will be served for dinner – shish kebab, pilaf, pita bread, hummus, baklava, etc. Snacks after dinner. Beer, soda, and H20 to drink. Self-deal. Tournament will be run via a computer program/laptop/projector screen.

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