Toughest Questions From Last Couple of Weeks


  1. What country leads the world in beer consumption per capita, as its citizens drink almost twice as much on average as Americans.
  2. a) Ireland b) Germany c) Czech Republic d) Australia

  3. Titanic is the only film that is not a sequel to earn $1 billion at the worldwide box office. What are the three sequels ?
  4. When Forbes released its first list of Richest Americans in 1918, who was #1?
  5. a) John D. Rockefeller b) Andrew Carnegie c) Henry Ford d) JP Morgan

  6. Carl Switzer, who played this memorable Little Rascals character, was murdered under mysterious circumstances in 1959 at age 31.
  7. What was the last NCAA men’s hoop team to enter the tournament undefeated?
  8. The only Democrat elected President between 1860 and 1912 was born on in 1837. Who was he?
  9. who wrote Portnoy’s Complaint and American Pastoral
  10. What is the capital of the Canadian province Alberta?
  11. What popular character did we get rom Lucy Maud Montgomery?
  12. At up to 2,500 pounds, they are the largest terrestrial mammals in North America.

  1. C) Czech Republic
  2. Dark Knight, Return of the King, and POTC: Dead Man’s Chest
  3. a) John D. Rockefeller
  4. Alfalfa
  5. UNLV
  6. Grover Cleveland
  7. Philip Roth
  8. Edmonton
  9. Anne of Green Gables
  10. Bison

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