Teams That Dress Up For QB5 Get VIP Seating

The first few rows of seating to QBV will go not to the teams that arrive earliest but to the teams that arrive flashiest. VIP seating this year is being reserved for teams that either dress outlandishly (and yes, I will be the final arbiter of what constitutes “outlandish”) or dress in team uniforms. I saw how just about every single team dressed up for Denver’s Geek Bowl and I refuse for Philadelphia to be outdone by those clowns in the mountains. If you are curious where you can get team uniforms for a fair price, contact Triple Play Sporting Goods at 9th and Christian. (215) 923-5466. They’ve always given me a good rate and you’ll be supporting local business to boot. Also, I’m coming up with more ways to give VIP status to teams that dress up, so I’ll have more details soon. You’ve got plenty of time to pull this together. Now get crackin’!

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