Quizzo News and Notes

First off, no Quizzo at the Good Dog tonight. Ok, so that means no new quiz at Bards (same quiz as Tuesday). I have a million projects going on right now and can use the extra time. As for Quizzo Bowl, a few notes:

  • Tickets are selling well. We’re up around 30 sold in the first few days, and really none of the regulars have bought yet.
  • Please get your team together and then buy tickets! It just makes things much easier for all of us. It’s gonna be packed in tight that night, so I need to maximize the seats we have. I need to make sure to not oversell of undersell, and since I’m a knucklehead, I’ll never figure it out if people keep buying tix two at a time. So try to put the team together and get your money right, if at all possible. Thanks!
  • Yes, the rumors are true. The between round entertainment will be a Hall and Oates cover band. There are also rumors of a Philly music legend also joining us for a short set. I am still working on the halftime act.
  • I will have tickets on me tonight at the Bards. Tickets are also available online.
  • Team maximum is 8 people. If you have a team of less than 6 people, expect to have another team to share your table or team up with you.

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