It’s Official! Haulin’ Oats Performing at Quizzo Bowl V!

Last year it was Black Elvis who had people dancing in the aisles to the sounds of the King. This year Hall and Oates, the deadliest duo in Philadelphia history, are brought back to life** with a perfomance that only Haulin’ Oats can bring (no, not these guys. The other Haulin’ Oats.) Quizzo Bowl V will be the final performance of a cross country tour for Haulin’ Oats that included stops in such rock havens as Bethesda, Dover, and Wilkes-Barre. “We are going all out in a performance for the ages, and then we are retiring from the Hall and Oates impersonation business,” said singer Clark Haul of the band, which has built a cult following in the seedy, dimly lit bars of Winchester, VA. “This is going to be like Jordan retiring from the Bulls, except that we really mean it,” added guitarist Jimmy Oats. “Last Haulin’ Oats show ever,” added Larry Oats (no relation to Jimmy). “It’s going to be like when Richard Nixon retired from politics in 1962,” added drummer Brian Oats (no relation to Jimmy or Larry). “Last one. The penultimate. Wait, does penultimate mean next to last? Then nevermind. It’s the one after that one. The penultimate one will be held in the parking lot of the Germantown Acme on Friday morning, if anybody is interested.” So if you’ve ever wanted to see Winchester, VA’s FINEST Hall and Oates cover band, then Quizzo Bowl V is your final opportunity. Don’t blow it! Tickets are on sale now, and can be bought either online or from JGT at Quizzo. First tickets were sold last night. $25 a pop, and that includes booze, Haulin’ Oats, and your shot at the $800 top prize. A damn good deal. You can buy your tickets here or at quizzo.

**Wait, what? But they’re not even dead.

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