A Few Final Notes

First of all, I expect to be sold out by the end of the day. I have about 25 tickets left. If you have not already bought tickets, please do so ASAP. You can try to walk up tomorrow in case someone cancels, but it’s gonna be highly unlikely. Here’s the details. If anyone has any questions, email me today.

TIME: Doors open at 5 p.m. Show starts at 6 p.m. sharp. I expect to be done by 9 p.m.
LOCATION: New Golden Palace. Corner of 8th and Washington.
ENTERTAINMENT: Hall and Oates cover band, as well a Chinese Lion Troupe. Also, a trailer of the Quizzo Documentary done last year to kick off the festivities.
VIP: Teams that dress up will get the VIP treatment. You will get the closest tables, and if at all possible I will try to deliver beer to your table at some point during the evening. You will also get a team photo from our professional photographer. (If more than 15 teams dress up, it’s gonna be the first 15 who get the first three rows.)
QUESTIONS: Questions will be a little tougher than usual, but not too brutal. There will be some multiple choice questions to even out the playing field. (Deal with it, nerds). 12 questions per round. You will not get sheets back after each round, so if you want to doublecheck your scores, you might want to keep a copy of your answers.
FOOD AND DRINK: Beer and wine will be provided free of charge, though I do expect you to take good care of your bartenders Corey and Liz. (No-one under 21 y/o will be admitted to the show. No exceptions!) Food will be available for an additional charge.
PARKING: Street parking. I don’t think it’s gonna be too bad on Washington at that time of day. If you are going to drink then by all means take a cab.
AFTERPARTY: The afterparty will be upstairs at Downey’s on Front and South Street Street starting at 9:30 p.m. There will be live music there too (No, not Hall and Oates tunes. Three sets of that should be plenty). It’s gonna be free admission, but please bring a few bones to tip the band! Lagers will be $2.50 a pop.

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