Quizzo Tonight

Are the Axis of Evil settling in for a rivalry with Fort Awesome at the Good Dog? It’s starting to sound that way. Rumor has it they’ll be back tonight. Action kicks off at 8 p.m. Meanwhile, if the past several Thursdays are any indication, expect a wild night at the Bards. Bards Thursdays seem to be when the heavyweights come out to play. 10:15 p.m. Also, any time you want to recommend a wild card round topic, feel free to drop me a line. Tonight’s round is from a suggestion by a regular. Finally, in case you haven’t heard yet, you can play quizzo on the picture tube*. Go to Comcast On Demand>>Free Movies>>Scene It Trivia>>History-1.

*Think I’m done shilling this thing? Not even close.

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