Insane Movie Marathon: 4 Best Pic Noms in 12 Hours

Two days away from Oscars and I have seen none of the Best Pic noms. Inexcusable, so I’ve decided to take care of that in one fell swoop. I’m gonna try to watch four of them today. Frost/Nixon at Noon, Slumdog Millionaire at 2:30, Milk at 7, and Benjamin Button at 9:10 p.m. Keep in mind, there is a decent chance I will quit halfway through. But I am going to make an honest effort (I have no desire to see The Reader and it’s not gonna win.) If you wanna join me for Frost/Nixon or Slumdog, drop me a line. Also, if you are having an Oscar party on Sunday that I can invite myself to, shoot me a line as well. I have a break this afternoon, so I’ll let you know on the site how it’s going.

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