Fun Mind Bender Quiz: Things in Threes

OK, so a bunch of us had fun with a triples quiz last night at the Black Sheep, so I figured I’d give you a few of them. They work like this: I give you a hint for three things that when combined make sense. In other words, if I say, Seinfeld actor+Macedonian leader+Fitzgerald classic=Jason Alexander the Great Gatsby. Answers after the jump. Good luck! And if you’ve got any of these to add, drop ’em in comments below.

  1. Diarist+architect+Tom Wolfe book=
  2. 76er Great+90s R&B group+Great Running back of the 70s and 80s=
  3. Ray Charles song+American adventure author+raincoat manufacturer=
  4. Surprising boxer+Army General+famous American playwright=
  5. QUADRUPLE! Ohio State great+Kansas City Royal+The Hitman+80s TV show=

  1. Anne Frank Lloyd Wright Stuff
  2. Andrew Toney! Toni! Tony Dorsett
  3. Hit the Road Jack London Fog
  4. Buster Douglas MacArthur Miller
  5. Eddie George Brett Hart to Hart

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