Quizzo News and Notes

Yeah, so this week’s quiz is hard. Mad hard. Hardest ever. Last night, I had two teams score in the 80s, two in the 70s, and I think all of the other teams scored under 60. And we had plenty of teams at both spots. I might ease off the gas just a bit tonight, but not too much. There’s still money on the line. My money. The good news about a hard quiz? It was hard for everybody, and we got two fairly random winners last night. I love my regulars, but parity is a good thing. We’ll see if that carries over tonight. As for Quizzo Bowl, well you cheap bastards have spoken. 2 out of 3 people want to do it somewhere for $20 instead of the Marriott next month, so it looks like we’re pushing it back a month. It will be late March/Early April. Once I get my car fixed I’ll go talk to the folks at 8th and Washington and see if we can do a dim sum Quizzo Bowl. That might be a lot of fun.

  • Tonight, we kick off at the Rendezvous at 6:15. The Mission, as always? Knock off the Jams.
  • Then, at 8 p.m., Duane’s World goes for 5 straight at the Black Sheep. Can you stop them?

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