Bounty Bowl!

Alright kids, we’ll have our first Bounty Bowl in over a month next week. Duane’s World won for the 5th straight time last night, so next week at the Black Sheep there will be a $20 bounty on their heads. According to my calculations, they are the 6th team to have a bounty put on their heads (but I could be wrong. Let me know if your team has had a bounty on their head before), after the Sofa Kingdom, MAGMA, the Jams, Satan’s Minions, and the Young the Old and the Restless. Pretty good company that. Also, good news. JGT shows up on the first page when you google “Bounty bowl”, just a notch below the infamous 1989 Eagle-Cowboy games. I’m pretty proud of that. So is Luis Zendejas.

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