Baseball is Evil and I Hope Bud Selig Gets Hit By a Bus

JC Romero is getting absolutely screwed by Major League Baseball. I mean, screwed like few athletes have ever been. After taking a supplement he got over the counter from Vitamin Shoppe, he tested positive for steroids, though even MLB acknowledges that he didn’t use them. But with a reactionary zeal that make the Salem Witch Trials look fair and balanced, MLB has decided to suspend him for 50 days. Baseball offered him the opportunity to only serve 25 games if he admitted guilt, but he didn’t because he didnt’ do anything wrong. Way to go baseball. Way to teach kids that if they don’t cow down to authority their punishment will be doubled, even if they don’t do anything wrong. This is so unbelievablty stupid it defies belief. Could you imagine how great baseball would be if it were run by people with an IQ over 30? If you’re interested, you can call the commissioner’s office at 212 931-7800.

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