Back to Reality

The egg nog has all been drunk (drank?) and the tree has been put back in the attic. It’s on to the gym, and time to break out the juicer. It’s back to reality, and the reality of 2009 isn’t all that bad. We’ve got a lot getting ready to go down. I am looking at a venue today for Quizzo Bowl V, and am very hopeful we’re going to have a deal in place this week. I’m looking at February 21st as a possible date. I have to determine if that gives me enough time to make this a go. Also, we have Super Bowling going down on January 24th, a big bowling blowout bash going down in South Philly. More details forthcoming. I will also begin working on 2008 the year in review. Yeah, I know I shoulda done that a week ago. Whatever. Anyways, in the meantime here’s 2007 in review.

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