Evil Women

Here’s the questions from last week’s Wild Card Round…Evil Women:

  1. This queen of England from 1553-1558 wanted the country to be entirely catholic, so she burned more than 300 Protestants at the stake.
  2. What was Kathy Bates characters name in Misery?
  3. In what New England state can you visit the house where Lizzie Borden took an axe and killed her parents with 40 whacks?
  4. What evil movie character is actress Louise Fletcher best known for playing in the 1970s?
  5. This female moved from Norway to America in 1881, and commenced the killing of her husbands, her children, and her suitors, ostensibly to collect their life insurance. Who was she?
  6. Who played bunny boiling Alex in the film Fatal Attraction?
  7. What evil woman was played by Charlize Theron in 2003?
  8. Betsy Palmer is best known for playing an evil mom in this 1980 classic.
  9. She is credited with expelling the Jews and Muslims from Spain in 1492 and with helping to set up the Spanish Inquisition.
  10. What kind of creatures does the Wicked Witch of the West encourage to Fly! Fly!


  1. Queen Mary I (Tudor)
  2. Annie Wilkes
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Nurse Ratched
  5. Belle Gunness
  6. Glenn Close
  7. Eileen Wuornos
  8. Friday the 13th
  9. Isabella
  10. monkeys

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