Why All the Fuss?

Was I the only one taken aback by how Sarah Palin was essentially sabotaged by the mainstream media yesterday? There were rumors that her daughter had given birth to her 5th baby (not true) and that she used to belong to a fringe political party (not true) Yes, her 17 year old daughter is pregnant, to which anyone with any sense can only reply: who cares? If she had encouraged her daughter to get an abortion when she is firmly pro-life, then yes, it would have been a major story. But she didn’t and, well, it isn’t. I think her daughter being pregnant has about the same amount of relevance in this race as Jamie Lynn Spears getting pregnant. None. As for the “radical” political party she supposedly belonged to, well, she didn’t (unless you count recent Republican positions as radical). Her husband did. And, unless you count Libertarians as radical, then the Alaskan Independence Party is not really all that fringe (especially compared with the Weathermen). The only thing that smells all that fishy to me is the whole Safety Commissioner Dismissal, which is about on par with plagiarizing speeches and law review articles.

Listen, I stand against pretty much every thing Sarah Palin stands for politically. But all this drummed up horses*** about how she’s a terrible pick is ridiculous. These out of control attacks on her about pointless minutae reek of the type of sexism that Clinton complained about in the primaries. At the time, I thought she was being a whiner. Now I’m not so sure.

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