The Reviews are in, and…they’re OK!

90210 and the New Kids on the Block both make their comeback on the same day? I feel young again! Reviews for the New Kids album are…ok. Newsday says: Not only does the Boston quintet’s first new album in 14 years surpass the usual cobbled-together-so-we-can-tour reunion record, it is actually the best album of their multiplatinum career. Woo-hoo! I knew it! I knew it would be great! But wait, Radar isn’t so sure: It’s mature, we suppose, and it continues throughout the album, but it only succeeds in making things uneasily skeezy…In fact, it’s almost all voyeurism and sad attempts at acting horny! Truth be told, I kind of like the Summertime song (above). No seriously, it’s not that bad. Oh, and get this: they recently slammed the Backstreet Boys! “Backstreet’s records sound the same as before – their music didn’t evolve like ours has,” said Danny. Oh boy, I hope this doesn’t turn into a Biggie Smallz-2Pac situation, but I’m afraid that’s just where this is heading.

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