JGT in Comedy Show tonight

Yes, I know the Eagles are playing the Cowboys. Yes, I know that probably no-one will show up. But the hell with it. I haven’t done stand up in a while and need to get my chops back. So if anyone wants to see me fail miserably, then be at the Khyber tonight at 8:00 p.m. If you tell me you came after seeing this on my site I will buy you a beer. $5 to get in and beers are dirt cheap. And after my little run in with Hipster Nation last week, I might even get a few hecklers. We’ll be done by 10, so you will not miss the 2nd half of the game (And that’s the only one that matters anyway.) I think I might go down to Nick’s Roast Beef to catch the 2nd half. Chip is hosting the show and two of my favorite comedians in Philly, Dennis Horan and Amir Gollan, are in the starting lineup. Hope to see you there.

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