Toughest Questions From Last Week


  1. Aragamas, skinks, and whiptails are all what types of animal?
  2. In 1954, this pitcher had a 3-21 record. Two years later, he did something that had not been done before or since. Who was he, and what did he do?
  3. Before appearing on Desperate Housewives, Dana Delaney starred in this critically lauded but poorly rated series from 1988-1991.
  4. In 1794, farmers in Western PA rebelled against a tax on what?
  5. This teen sensation from Philly had a hit in the late 50s with the song Tiger.
  6. What are the best selling Girl Scout cookies?
  7. What does a best selling book from the 70s called The Hite Report deal with?
  8. What Americancity is known as the Honeymoon Capital of the World?
  9. What American city hosted the 1904 Olympics?
  10. In what state will you find the Rappahannock, the York, and the New Rivers?

  1. lizards
  2. Don Larsen. pitched a perfect game in 1956 World Series
  3. China Beach
  4. Whiskey
  5. Fabian
  6. Thin Mints
  7. Female sexuality
  8. Niagara Falls
  9. St. Louis.
  10. Virginia

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