Pirate Wild Card Round

Thought you guys might enjoy the wild card round from Saturday night: Things that Sound Like Aaaarrrrrrrrr.

  1. This man hosted the Tonight Show from 1957-1962.
  2. What is the Spanish word for Tuesday?
  3. Who played Klinger in Mash?
  4. This 2005 war movie starred Jake Gyllenhaal.
  5. This instrument was first heard in a western pop song in 1965, when it was used by the Yardbirds.
  6. This former member of the Geto Boys named himself after a 1980 movie.
  7. Joe Ross and Fred Gwynne both starred in this early 1960s sitcom.
  8. This actress did the voice of the new baby in Look Who’s Talking Too.
  9. This word comes to us from the Persian word that means “the place of prices”.
  10. Due to this players dominance, the dunk was outlawed in college basketball for several years.


  1. Jack Paaarrrrr
  2. Maarrrrrrtes
  3. Jamie Faaaaaaarrrr
  4. Jaaaarrrrhead
  5. Sitaaarrrr
  6. Scaaarrrrrface
  7. Caaaaaaarrrr 54, Where Aaaaaarrrrrrre You?
  8. Roseanne Baaaarrrrrrr
  9. Bazaarrrrrrr
  10. Kareem Abdul Jabbaarrrrar

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