Pirate Quizzo This Saturday at the Franklin Institute! UPDATED

(Updated changes in bold) Alright gang, should be a great show this Saturday. The Pirate exhibit sounds pretty sweet, and we’re gonna do a Pirate quizzo Saturday night at the Franklin at 8 p.m. Yes, all questions about pirates, more or less. Now, I’m not sure I can make it due to some previous business plans, but my good friend Randy the Buccaneer told me he can fill in if need be. So we’ll see. However, I must warn you: there have been rumors of actual pirates attending, and they are armed and dangerous, so you would probably be safer to like go to Glam or something. Basically, it’s gonna be free, and the top two teams walk off with the Booty. The winning team will walk away with a prize package that will include passes to check out the Pirate exhibit. They are encouraging reservations by calling (215) 448-1254. Here’s a National Geographic article on the ship that is on display.

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