Easy All Star Solution

Whenever the MLB All-Star finishes 9 innings in a tie, it goes straight to hell. All of a sudden, pitchers who threw 100+ pitches on Sunday need to pitch on one days rest. The fans all go home. People at home cut off their tvs and go to bed. The kids (who baseball desperately needs to excite in a video game world) tell me this morning how “boring” the game was last night. How can the MLB settle for failure when the alternative is a surefire, guaranteed thrilling winner? It’s simple. If the two teams are tied after 10 innings, you go to a home run derby. You bring out the HR leader on each squad for a little mano a mano, just like the regular derby, except now it means something. Nobody leaves, nobody goes to bed, no pitchers take a chance hurting their arms. I brought it up to the teens in the summer program and they said it would be awesome. Can someone give me a single reason not to do this?

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