10 Toughest questions from last week

Answers (and details about some of the answers, including Nikita Koloff’s new mission) after the jump.

  1. This tv show about lawyers, which reached the peak of its popularity in the 1990s, starred David James Elliott and Catherine Bell.
  2. Ludology is the study of what?
  3. a) comics b) alternative fuel c) Political elections d) video games

  4. Visitors at Phantom Ranch often holler out “Bobby…Cindy” because of a memorable Brady Bunch episode. In what national park will you find Phantom Ranch?
  5. Deckle edges are normally associated with what?
  6. a) sand sculpture b) paper c) patios d) plate tectonics

  7. Wrestler Nikita Koloff’s favorite finishing move was found on the Soviet flag. What was it?
  8. This Pennsylvania town used to be known as Mauch Chunk. What is it known as now?
  9. Which direction is the leaning tower of Pisa leaning: North South East or West?
  10. 43,560 square feet is known as what?
  11. Between 1991 and 2003, only four men were named NBA FInals MVP. One was Jordan. Who were the other 3?
  12. This man, considered to be Russia’s greatest poet, was killed in a duel with his wife’s lover in 1837


  1. JAG
  2. D) video games
  3. Grand Canyon. Here’s a short video dedicated to this adventure.
  4. B) Paper
  5. The Russian sickle. Nikita now runs Koloff for Christ Ministries. I am not kidding.
  6. Jim Thorpe
  7. South
  8. an acre
  9. Shaq, Tim Duncan, Hakeem Olajuwon
  10. Alexander Pushkin. You can find some of his poems here (translated even!). Here are the details of the duel from wikipedia: D’Anthès met also Pushkin and his wife, Natalya (“Natasha”), a beautiful flirtatious young woman, who had many admirers. D’Anthès courted her in such a way that Pushkin threatened him verbally. D’Anthès then married Natalya’s own sister, Ekaterina Goncharova, on January 10 1837. It is questionable whether d’Anthès’s engagement and marriage to Natalya’s sister was devised to contradict society gossip that he was in pursuit of Natalya. In any event, this was not enough to soothe the conflict between the two new brothers-in-law, especially since an anonymous letter went round, nominating Pushkin Deputy Grand Master and Historiograph of the Order of Cuckolds. His furious jealousy made him write an insulting letter to d’Anthès’ adoptive father[3]. Pushkin having refused to withdraw these abuses, a duel became inevitable.

    On the evening of 8 February 1837, d’Anthès shot first, mortally wounding Pushkin in the stomach. Pushkin, who had fought several duels, managed to rise and shoot at d’Anthès, however, only lightly wounding him in the right arm. As he lay on his deathbed, Pushkin sent a message to d’Anthès pardoning him of any wrong doing. d’Anthès, who was barely wounded, only laughed lightly and said, “Well, tell him that I forgive him, too.” God, I love duels.

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