Toughest Questions from Last Week


  1. Who wrote the Maltese Falcon?
  2. What is known as the Master Spice?
  3. The first ship to ever sail from Europe to India went in search of spices. Who was the captain of that ship?
  4. What James wrote the book Go Tell It on the Mountain in 1953?
  5. What beer company makes Zima?
  6. Aldous Huxley got the title Brave New World from this Shakespeare play, which contained a spirit named Ariel and is believed to have been the Bards last play.
  7. What car gets its name from the latin for “I roll”?
  8. Who is credited with the line: these are the times that try mens souls?
  9. a) FDR b) Thomas Paine c) Winston Churchill d) Thomas Jefferson

  10. Actor Simon MacCorkindale would transform into various creatures such as panthers and dolphins in this aptly named show in 1983.
  11. Emily’s Reasons Why Not was Cancelled after just one episode in 2006. Who was the star of that show?

1. Dashiell Hammett
2. Pepper. (Not to be confused with Pepa of the 80s rap group.)
3. Vasco da Gama
4. James Baldwin (He would later star in BioDome)
5. Coors (Figures.)
6. The Tempest
7. Volvo.
8. B) Thomas “Bring Da” Paine.
9. Manimal. I wish the show’s theme song had been done by Michael Sembello: He’s a manimal, manimal fo’ suuuuure. And he’s dancing like he’s half-man, half animaaaaaal.
10. Heather Graham.

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