Where should we do Quizzo Bowl V?

After a long 14 month wait between QBs III and IV, I think it’s not gonna be so long until Quizzo Bowl V. I’d like to get back to doing it in late January, if possible. Here a few thoughts on venues:
World Cafe Live: Obviously better acoustics, closer location for most people, and to be honest, less work for me (They do ticketing, insurance, security, etc.) And as a man of leisure, the less work the better. But after three straight sellouts from a local act, they seemed extremely indifferent about hosting QB IV, which was kind of a turnoff.
Blue Horizon:Lots of character, the employees were a pleasure to do business with, plenty of room, and the opportunity for free beer. Downsides: a little bit out of the way, a little bit chilly (though that could probably be corrected if we did it again), and the acoustics were so-so (not the sound guys fault, just the way it’s gonna be in a large old building not built with acoustics in mind).
Somewhere New: Would be fun to do it like the Super Bowl, where we got to check out a new venue each year. The question is, where? After doing lots of research on this, I have discovered that there are plenty of places in Philly that sit 200 people, but almost none that sit 300. I’d love to do it at a place like the Troc, but it’s simply not big enough. Houston Hall on Penn’s campus or The Armory are big enough, but I’d need to rent tables and chairs and find a way to get them to those places, which sounds like a nightmare. If anyone has any ideas, please post them below.

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