The JGT Bracket-tacular!

Haven’t had a chance to say much about the bracket-tacular, with all of the Quizzo Bowl excitement. And that was for the best, as I am currently ranked 72nd out of 73 teams (though I am spoiling for a comeback). Anyhow, here’s how it’s shaping down heading into the final weekend. For the 2nd straight year, Smackdown (above, in blue) is right in the mix. Last year, Ohio State’s loss in the championship cost her the title. This year, she needs UCLA to knock off UNC in the finals. I would find it hilarious if it’s UNC-UCLA and UNC wins, but that’s just me. If that happens, current leader Matt Cohen wins. If North Carolina defeats Memphis for the title, Touched by an Uncle (Matt Kallend) wins. If Memphis defeats UNC or Kansas, then Adam’s bracket wins. If Kansas defeats Memphis, then Total Ownage wins. And if Kansas defeats UCLA, then Davidson’s dream season continues, as Davidson grad Sarah Vaala takes the title. Best of luck to all the competitors, and go UNC!

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