Round One Questions

For those of you who were scared to go North of Girard (to whom I say, “I hear there is cheap rent in Lafayette Hill, you’ll love it there”), here’s the home version of Quizzo Bowl IV. Not as much Black Elvis, but you’ll get the general idea. Here is round one:

  1. What did John Pemberton brew the first batch of in Atlanta on this date in 1886?
  2. In what number Wrestlemania did over 93,000 people fill the Detroit Silverdome to witness Hulk Hogan bodyslam Andre the Giant?
  3. This building in Westminster is home to the annual summer proms.
  4. Today is Cy Youngs birthday. How many games did he win in his career?
  5. This hostess of tomorrow’s Wrestlemania is currently dating Reggie Bush.
  6. Many people think the term upset in sports comes from the time a horse by that name defeated what famous horse?
  7. What newspaper has the 2nd highest circulation in the US, after the USA Today.
  8. Tom Keifer and Eric Brittingham formed this kickass band in Philadelphia in 1982, and they have sold 18 million albums.
  9. In what country is the city of Mecca located?
  10. Which of the following is not the name of a space shuttle?
    a) Discovery b) Endeavour c) Atlantis d) Voyager
  11. In standard poker, which of the following does not defeat a flush?
    a) Straight Flush b) Four of a kind c) straight d) full house
  12. What toy company makes Barbie dolls?

Answers after the jump.

  1. Coke
  2. 3
  3. Royal Albert Hall
  4. 511
  5. Kim Kardashian
  6. Man O War
  7. Wall Street Journal
  8. Cinderella
  9. Saudi Arabia
  10. D) Voyager
  11. C) straight
  12. mattel

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