Questions from Quizzo Bowl I

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Ah yes, the first Quizzo Bowl. Ran a little long, but Nate Wiley and the Crowd Pleasers kept there from being a meltdown with their sweet soulful sounds. Johnny Cash impersonator The Man in Black did a great job kicking off the show, the bellydancer at halftime was a near disaster, and Where’s Johnny (aka The Champs) edged the Sofa Kingdom, then making their first JGT quizzo appearance. Anyways, here’s a few questions from the first big event.

  1. What did Vincenzo Peruggia steal in 1911, making him a national hero of sorts in his native Italy?
  2. Who are the only two players to win back to back Super Bowl MVPs?
  3. In what state did the Wounded Knee Massacre, take place in 1890?
  4. What fundamental discovery in the field of nuclear science did Sir James Chadwick make in 1932?
  5. What country do the Galapagos Islands belong to?
  6. Much of our knowledge about the Mount Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD comes from this Roman’s letter to the historian Tacitus?
  7. What sea is located on Turkey’s northern coast?
  8. How many laps are in the Daytona 500?
  9. How many golden tickets did willy wonka hide in chocolate wonka bars?
  10. What’s the name of Beethoven’s only opera?

Answers after the jump.

  1. Mona Lisa
  2. Terry Bradshaw and Bart Starr
  3. South Dakota
  4. Presence of the neutron
  5. Ecuador
  6. Pliny the Younger
  7. Black Sea
  8. 200
  9. Five
  10. Fidelio

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