Week in Review

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We started on Tuesday with Ice Ice Baby, where walking was a dangerous proposition. Understandably, crowds were smallat both venues. To those of you who braved the elements to make it out: You are warriors and I love each and very one of you. Except Nate. At O’Neals, the We Got Nothin’ Guys continued their incredible run, edging Young, Old, and Restless, 92-90. SPeaking of a run, the Narcotyzing Dysfunktion is the hottest team in quizzo, crushing Sofa Kingdom and scoring 111 points for the 2nd straight week.

The Jams were shorthanded at the Vous, but a strange lack of regulars (No Bus, No 1022, No Trust Us, We Know, no Project Home squad. Come back guys, I missed you!) meant that they were able to escape unscathed with a 94-81 win over Philly Softcore. New blood at the Black Sheep, as The Dalembert Report held off Duane’s Minions, 87-81. Smackdown put on an impressive performance (not in quizzo) as three guys from Paris hit on her for hours.

On to the Good Dog for the first leg of the Lonely Hearts Club quizzo. And wouldn’t you know it, my ex-girlfriends team, Team Awesome, pulled off a win in the V-Day quizzo. It was Team Awesome’s third win in 5 weeks. Perhaps they have become the first team to beat at the Dog since the MAGMA-Evil Knieval days. Highlight of the night at the Good Dog: When I played Mr. Big, everybody started singing along. When I stopped playing the song, everybody kept singing. Amazed, I cracked, “I don’t think I’ve ever felt so white.” Not missing a beat, Moose, the only black guy in the room, stated: “Neither have I.”

Questions on Thursday night were all about heartbreak and bad love songs. Sofa Kingdom apparently knows a lot about both. They missed the first question of the Bards quiz, then rattled off 39 consecutive answers to finish with the 2nd highest score ever, a 118.

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