A Valentine’s Day Miracle

No, I did not get a date. Something even more miraculous than that happened. I got home last night and read the following email from my good friend from back home, Mary (above, who I made deal with while a teenager that we are supposed to get married to if we are both still single at age 35. So far, so good.) I thought you guys might enjoy it:
I was walking my dogs by the river and train tracks and one of my dogs, Dr. Stevens (below, in red shirt), got hit by a train…. and SURVIVED! He lost his tail; it was ripped from his body, but he is in surgery and it seems he doesn’t have any internal damage. The whole thing was a living nightmare but now I’m so thankful I just have to tell this story.
I was up on the tracks with my other dog Nurse Hazel. Dr. Stevens was not far behind us, but NOT on the tracks. We were near a bend and a train came around from what seemed like “out of nowhere”. There was plenty of time to get down though. I went down and Nurse followed but Dr. Stevens went up on the tracks where we had just been instead of coming with us!!! There’s no way to ever know WHY… but he did. There was still some time for him to get down. I started calling him and running towards him because I was getting worried. He was running in the same direction that the train was heading. He just kept running but wouldn’t turn off the tracks left or right. I think he was scared. The Train started laying on the horn. He just freaked and didn’t get off the tracks. I watched the whole train roll right over him for what seemed like five minutes straight! It seemed like the longest train I’d ever seen! Finally it was gone. I was in hysterics by now. I thought he was dead; after what I’d just seen I could not imagine that there was even a chance he was going to be alive. I threw Nurse Hazel in my car and as I started the walk up to the tracks to see what was left of him when I couldn’t believe my eyes… he was trying to get up! He was alive!!! I ran to him and saw blood and thought he was internally wounded. I was crying so hard by this point because I thought he was gonna die in my arms. He was silent. He never made a sound at all. I held him and realized he was maybe ok…
Then Dave and Kris arrived, I had called them in a panic after the train had passed. They came up on the tracks and said “OH MY GOD… there’s his tail!” Sure enough about 20 feet down the track there it was! We grabbed the tail and scooped up Doctor and raced to the vet. They sent us to the emergency vet clinic and I just now got word that he is doing well. He made it through surgery and is gonna be just fine in about 10 to 15 days! It’s a Valentines miracle! I am soooo happy that he is alive and this is such a crazy story that I had to share it! He’s gonna look a little funny but now everyone else will be able to tell them apart! I’m a very lucky and thankful girl tonight and Doctor is one lucky dog! P.S. I saved the tail!

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