Toughest questions from last week


  1. Joaquim Phoenix played Commodus in Gladiator. True or False: Commodus was an actual Roman emperor who fought in gladiatorial events.
  2. What is Daisy’s last name in the Great Gatsby?
  3. This Philadelphia Eagle led the team to two championships and his #15 is retired by the organization.
  4. Stanford White designed the 2nd incarnation of this famous edifice, then was shot and killed in it’s rooftop garden.
  5. Who was the only 20th century president to not get a college degree?
  6. Which of these players scored the most points while they were a member of the 76ers?
    a) Charles Barkley b) Allen Iverson c) Julius Erving d) Wilt Chamberlain
  7. This street in San Francisco, which share a name with a Philly street,is known as the crookedest street in the world.
  8. Formerly known as the Bank of America Tower, the Columbia Center, a 967 foot tall buiding made of granite, is what cities tallest building?
  9. The first one of these books was issued in February of 1878.
  10. Under what president did John Foster Dulles serve as Secretary of State?

  1. True
  2. Buchanan
  3. Steve van Buren
  4. Madison Square Garden
  5. Truman
  6. Allen Iverson
  7. Lombard
  8. Seattle
  9. phone book
  10. Eisenhower

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